Cheers to a New Decade!


That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I turned 30 years old! My fruitful 20’s are long gone, and I have entered into real adulthood. 😉 I read somewhere that your 20’s are for experimenting and making mistakes whereas in your 30’s, you should get your shit, act together. No denying that I did my fair share of having of fun in my 20’s, and I am now ready to be a grown up! Having a baby will instantly turn you into a mature adult. I mean you are now responsible for another human being, so you kinda have no other choice. But okay, joking (kind of) aside, I’m thankful to have celebrated this milestone birthday with the people I love the most. I didn’t want anything extravagant, I just wanted to spend the day/weekend with my little family, and we did just that!

I took Friday off from work to have a mommy and daughter day. Em and I went to a baby time class. We listened to stories, sang and danced with lots of other babies. We ended up staying longer to talk to other mommies in the class and have an impromptu playdate. Em was kind of aloof in the beginning being in a room with lots of babies, but she eased up a bit towards the end. Note to myself: make baby classes a regular thing, so Em can learn to socialize.

Saturday was my birthday, and the weather god was good to me, it was absolutely gorgeous! We lunched at our favorite deli place and sat outside for some vitamin D. I wanted to start a tradition of taking pictures with Em (and future sibling(s)) on our birthdays, so we checked out Historic Yates Mill County Park in Raleigh to snap some shots. The pictures Steve took came out great, Em gave us her full cooperation. 😉 And I just cannot get enough of Em in her romper and sun hat from Gap Baby! TOO adorable. After the park, we went to Brewgaloo, an annual beer festival in Raleigh and ended up having a lot of fun! It was a great ending to my birthday!


Even though my birthday was over, the celebration continued. Steve was so sweet to have made a reservation at Coquette for a brunch on Sunday to kick start a pamper day for me. After brunch, Steve and Em went home, and I got pampered with a massage and mani & pedi. It was so nice having some me time to relax!

At some point, birthdays start to feel less important. The days of throwing a huge party start becoming a distant memory from the past. All I really wanted to do for my birthday this year was to chill and spend quality time with Steve and Em. It’s funny how your perspective on things change when you are settled with a family of your own. Real adulting right there LOL. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, really appreciate all the love! And the biggest thanks goes to my parents for having me. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to have a family of my own to love. I cannot wait to experience new memories my 30’s will bring!



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