Baltimore/DC Visit

A couple of weeks ago, we headed to Baltimore for my work because I needed to be in the office. Of course I brought Em along since I couldn’t be away from her for a whole week, and my parents were dying to see her again. My mom even watched her while I was at the office. Super grateful for her offer since she also works. Steve ended up dropping us off in Baltimore over the weekend, because there was NO WAY I could have flown with the baby alone. I’m not ready yet. Not only that, there was so much baby stuff for us to bring. I literally only had a small bag of my stuff, and rest of the car was packed with Em’s things. Thanks, daddy for dropping us off and picking us back up!

It was such a nice and relaxing visit. I loved seeing my parents with Em, they are just so overjoyed when they are with her. My sister also ended up coming down from NYC for the weekend to spend time with us (thank you!). And even though Emma doesn’t get to see them often, she did great! I was afraid she’ll have stranger anxiety, but she was a doll!


Em with my parents and sister, so cute!

Em also had a playdate with her friend Roy. He was born a little less than a month after Em, so they are pretty close in age. It was nice catching up with my friend talking about the struggles of being a first time mom. 😉 Em and Roy were so adorable together! They won’t remember this playdate, but seeing two babies together attempting to “play” was cute. Thanks, Roy for sharing all your toys! 🙂


We also met up with our good friends in DC. We were hoping to see some cherry blossoms, but they were already long gone! 😦 But there was a kite festival at the Washington Monument, so we ended up catching up and people watching at the Washington Monument after brunch. Steve even got to fly a kite!


MV and me always twinning ❤


The week flew by so quick, but it was great being in the office and seeing our friends. My parents babysat one night, so Steve and I even got to go out for dinner at our friends’ place. It’s been a really long time we were out sans baby, it was actually kind of nice! I didn’t realize how much I had missed our friends back in Baltimore/DC! I’m going to have to be better at visiting more often! Til next time, Baltimore!



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