Weekends are for Making Breakfasts


Top of the morning to ya! I can’t believe it’s Sunday already, this weekend just flew by for us!!
After a long 8-5 work week, I look forward to the weekends for relaxation and catching up on much needed sleep, or at least I try to. I love our lazy Saturday and Sunday mornings, waking up without an alarm and losing track of time. Of course not all weekends are like this, especially nowadays with our messy home, incomplete nursery and an overdue list of things-to-dos. But breakfast is one of our favorite meals of the day, and I try to make breakfast on most weekends even though by the time both of us are awake and ready to eat, it may be lunch. I’m pretty sure we’ve had breakfast food for dinner at some point.. Who dictated eggs and hash browns should only be served in the morning anyway? So in my attempt to be domesticated, I did the whole breakfast shibang, making my version of home fries, breakfast sausage patties and eggs from scratch. I felt pretty darn proud when it turned out great! Of course, I used already existing recipe for the breakfast sausage patties from Pinterest given that it was my first time making them from scratch, but I used whatever I had in my kitchen, substituting or omitting some things from the recipe. For the home fries, I used my go-to spices – rosemary, thyme and paprika with salt and pepper to taste then drizzled some olive oil. I used to make the home fries in the oven, but I realized skillet on a stove top makes the best consistency. The potatoes get crispy on the outside and soft inside, and with some eggs on the side…Voila! You get a filling breakfast to start your day! Or in our case, end our day (sometimes).







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