Our Baby Shower – Celebrating Emma!


Steve and I decided to have a co-ed baby shower in Chicago where majority of our friends and family live. And we are so glad we did, because we got to see a lot of them! Living afar, we don’t get to see them as often as we’d like, so not only was it a baby shower welcoming Emma to this world, but a chance for us to reconnect with our loved ones.

My sister, who also happens to live in Chicago planned and hosted the entire shower, and we cannot thank her enough for throwing us such a fun and gorgeous shower! It was held at a picnic shelter in a forest preserve, and the weather was perfect! We had delicious food (thanks to our moms), beautiful decorations and lots of fun games. Some of our friends brought their children and their pet who got to run around and enjoy the day just as much as we did. It was truly a family affair!

Our weekend in Chicago was short-lived, but we definitely had a blast. I’m sure Emma felt the love as well! 🙂 Thank you all for coming and for your thoughtful gifts! We really appreciate and love every single one of you! ❤ We now have less than 3 more months to go before Emma arrives, can’t wait to show her these pictures from the baby shower!

IMG_3889 IMG_3873 IMG_3858 IMG_3857 IMG_3867


My beautiful Mommy inspiring me to be the best Mama to Emma ❤


Fam Bam ❤


Guys.. my belly isn’t that big.

IMG_3984 IMG_3995 IMG_3940 IMG_4042 IMG_4039 IMG_4020


Zoe giving Emma a kiss! How precious!!


My best friend and I are pregnant together! Rub da belly 😉

IMG_3915 IMG_3937 IMG_4008 IMG_4002

Hope you enjoyed picture overload!!



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