First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a….



If the title of this post didn’t give it away, Steve and I are expecting our very first baby SHwang!!!! [Estimated arrival on October 3rd, 2015] I have been waiting FOREVER to share this exciting news!! It’s been a long 13 weeks to keep the biggest news of our lives a secret, especially for me! We all know how anxious I get when I have something big to share! We are BEYOND ecstatic to bring a new life into this world. 🙂 Of course it is super nerve wracking given that we are going to be first time parents, but who doesn’t feel like that with their first child? Right? Plus, I’m so very confident that Steve will make a great father. I cannot wait until the baby comes, so I can see them together. My heart is going to EXPLODE with love!!

Everyone and their mother knows that I’ve been having crazy baby fever since college. I love, love, LOVE babies! I always knew I wanted to be a mama one day. I think it’s the most fulfilling job in life. When Steve and I got married 10 months ago, we wanted to wait a bit to start a family. Even though we’ve been together for many years, we still wanted to experience married life just the two of us. Initially, we decided to wait a year to start trying, but clearly, we wanted the baby more. 😉 I know our world as we know it will change in the next 6 months, but we are so ready and excited to become parents! I’m already experiencing a whole new level of love for this tiny human in my belly, so I can’t imagine the overwhelming emotions we will feel when our Jelly Belly enters this world.

I cannot wait to share with you, our journey through this pregnancy and even more exciting things next chapter of our lives will bring!!

Btw, doesn’t our announcement photo look familiar? We wanted to mirror our Save the Date picture from our engagement photos Steve took back in September 2013. But this time with a tricycle we purchased at Toys R Us! 😉


PS: Happy 7 year dating anniversary to my husband! Without this day 7 years ago, we wouldn’t be sharing this amazing news with our friends and family today! Who knew 7 years later, we’d be married and having a baby?? You are going to make the greatest dad in my book! I love you to the moon and back! ❤


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