This is the first day of our lives

After months of constant pestering, hinting and being completely ridiculous like “accidentally” not closing out of a picture of an engagement ring on his computer, Steve said those precious 4 words I’ve been dying to hear on February 23, 2013. It was absolutely perfect and every emotion you can ever imagine hit me all at the same time when I said “YES!”. I would not change it for the world..well, except maybe one thing. Our proposal story has a twist and let me just say before I share it, of course it would happen to me.

We went on our annual snowboarding trip to Loveland, CO with our friends. Steve had it all planned out – on our second day of boarding, on top of the slope, he will pop the question. That didn’t exactly happen the way he had hoped. You see, the first day out on the slopes, and on our LAST run of the day, I fell, broke my left arm in three pieces, got rushed to the ER, and had an overnight operation to repair my broken arm (with metal rods, pins and all). Poor Steve, he probably had a heart attack. He was with me by my bedside the entire night massaging my swollen sausage fingers. He later told me, he was worried that the ring might not fit!


Needless to say, Steve had to alter his well-thought-out proposal plan but was still determined to go through with it! And I certainly did not want to ruin our vacation with him and my best friends! So after I was discharged the next morning, we went back to our condo to rest and tidy up for our dinner reservation in Breckenridge. Even though I was totally out of it from pain meds, I’m so glad I mustered up my strengths to keep our reservation, because right before dinner is when he proposed!

Steve wanted to stop by an overlook before going to the restaurant to take some pictures. This didn’t surprise me, because he had recently picked up photography as his hobby. While posing to get our picture taken by our friends (big props to my best friends for keeping it a secret and not giving it away!), he asked me to marry him!


And that’s how Maddie & Steve began! (and how I partially became a terminator)



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