Real Mom Talk: Mom Style [GIVEAWAY]

I have to be honest here. Ever since becoming a mom, my style has changed. Bye bye to cut-off short shorts, mini skirts, open back crop tops, side boob (nonexistent) exposing camis, and etc. But that doesn’t necessarily mean my style has to suffer, I just modify it to fit this stage of my life – being a mom. I noticed that I started gravitating towards more of “mom clothes”, a little more  covered up, a bit more practical, and a lot more comfortable. Ain’t nobody want to see me flashing my ta-tas bending down to pick Em up! 😛 However, mom style can be cute and appealing too, like this floral wrap dress from PinkBlush! I love the boho style of this dress with right amount of flare but still appropriate for a mom like me. The best part of this dress is that it can also be worn as a maternity dress! I’ll be sure to rock this piece when we are pregnant with a second baby (whenever that’ll be!) – it’s so comfy!


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Maternity Photos and Babymoon

Whoever thought of babymoon should be awarded! The purpose of a babymoon is to spend quality time with your partner to relax before the baby arrives. And Steve and I did just that for our babymoon because our life as Maddie and Steve will be long gone come Emma’s arrival!

We decided to do a weekend trip to Wilmington, NC for our babymoon. It was our first time in Wilmington and Wrightsville beach, and we fell in love! It was super relaxing to spend the weekend lounging at the beach, splashing in the water, and talking about us and our near future with Emma. A change of scene from our every day life was definitely needed, and we were able to really connect as a couple. It’s been nonstop on the go for us, so having this quality time before the baby’s arrival was essential. We also ate some really good foods in Wilmington, and that’s always a plus! 🙂

While we were at the beach, we decided to take advantage of the scenery and shoot my maternity photos. I’ve been contemplating a lot on how I wanted the maternity photos to look like… I wanted to be comfortable in my new body and embrace my belly because I think pregnancy is one of the beautiful looks for a woman. I definitely wanted to show my bare belly and at the same time reflect my own personal style. I made a flower crown with my favorite flower, baby’s breath and chose a few different outfits. Although we didn’t hire a professional photographer and did a DIY photo shoot, it turned out amazing! Steve did a great job capturing the style I was envisioning – his photography skill is improving every day, so talented! Here are my favorite photos from the shoot. I was just starting my 33 weeks. Enjoy!

IMG_4548 IMG_4559 IMG_4594 IMG_4628 IMG_4641 IMG_4666




IMG_4706 IMG_4832 IMG_4866 IMG_4881 IMG_4901 IMG_4921 IMG_4928


Pregnancy Update : 26 – 29 Weeks


26 Weeks

Baby’s size: A head of lettuce!

Baby’s movement: All the time! I woke up the other day to one of her kicks.. I hope this means she’s going to be a calm baby when she is born.. 😉

Total weight gain: 19 lbs, lost a pound from last week.

Pregnancy symptoms: I am having major pelvic pressure. Sometimes it feels like she is moving down the birth canal and about to pop out! The doctor says it’s normal with baby’s growth. It’s definitely not pleasant especially when it wakes me up in the middle of the night. Additionally, my calves cramp almost every single night which also wakes me up.. Oh the glory of 2nd trimester!

Food love: I have discovered the goodness of donuts! Pre-pregnancy, I actually hated donuts. But this week, I saw a picture of Krispy Kreme donuts on Instagram, and I just had to have them. I think this was the first immediate grocery run for my cravings since becoming pregnant. Steve and I drove to a local grocery store just to buy Krispy Kreme donuts, and THEY WERE A GAME CHANGER! It was also my first time having Krispy Kreme donuts. It’s a dangerous road I’m going down here… We bought a box of donuts, and I am trying to be good limiting myself to one per day for breakfast until it runs out.

Food hate: Nothing new!

Sleep: Sleep has been the same, not great.

Currently living in: Maternity clothes! People weren’t kidding when they told me maternity clothes will change your life. They are SO comfortable!! Why was I being so stubborn before?

3 pros of this week: [1] Liking Duke Hospital a lot more than Johns Hopkins Hospital! [2] Hearing Emma’s heartbeat again. [3] Traveling to Chicago for our baby shower!

3 cons of this week: [1] Finding out that I have an abnormal shaped placenta. The doctor assured me that it’s nothing to worry about, but apparently my placenta is not a normal round disk shape. It’s sort of squished in the middle creating two blobs which can cause less nutrients to flow through the blood vessel to Emma. In turn, baby may be measuring small. I suspect that Hopkins didn’t mention this because Emma was measuring bigger than normal, but glad Duke decided to put it on my radar. One perk is that we get another ultrasound in a month to see our beautiful daughter 🙂 [2] Realizing traveling via plane is getting harder. [3] Having anxiety over the baby shower.

Looking forward to: Seeing all of our family and friends come together to celebrate Emma!

27 Weeks

Baby’s size: A Rutabaga – what is that?

Baby’s movement: Constant movements! I swear she is having a circus in there!

Total weight gain: 21 lbs!

Pregnancy symptoms: Same old.. leg cramps; pelvic pressure. Something new – Braxton Hicks contractions! It is definitely not pleasant and feels scary when my stomach gets ROCK HARD.

Food love: Nothing new this week.

Food hate: Nothing new!

Sleep: Sleep has been the same, not great.

Currently living in: Full on maternity clothes or loose fitting shift dresses!

Pro of this week: Celebrating baby Emma with our family and friends at our baby shower! It was so wonderful to see all of our loved ones. Thank you ALL for stopping by and for all of the thoughtful gifts! And major thanks to my sister who threw us the most gorgeous and fun baby shower! We are one lucky family!

3 cons of this week: [1] Having a short weekend trip to Chicago, wish we could have stayed longer! [2] Lots of emotions running high. [3] Having constant Braxton Hicks contractions!

Looking forward to: Nesting! I can’t wait to decorate Emma’s nursery!!

28 Weeks – I’m in my third trimester now!

Glucola drink for Glucose screening & tolerance test this week!

Glucola drink for Glucose screening & tolerance test this week!

Baby’s size: An eggplant!

Baby’s movement: I was told to start counting the movements starting week 28, but she moves so much that I lose count throughout the day.. Oops.

Total weight gain: 22 lbs!

Pregnancy symptoms: Braxton Hicks contractions are full blown. I get them throughout the day, multiple times a day. It’s kind of crazy. I’m also experiencing major indigestion lately..Steve thinks it’s because I eat a lot of chips after dinner… Hey, I gotta have what I crave!

Food love: Bananas! Loving them this week.

Food hate: Nothing new!

Sleep: Not great per usual. Also, whenever I change positions in my sleep, I get sharp pain in my pelvic/groin area! Oh the joy of round ligament pains.

Currently living in: Unless I’m out and about, I repeat the same maternity clothes at home.. Hey, girl’s gotta be comfy with this burgeoning belly!

3 pros of this week: [1] Starting on the nursery!! We finally got the nursery going, and our 2nd bedroom is looking more like a baby’s room than a storage room. We, Steve put the crib and glider chair together. I’ve already spent some time in the chair reading to Emma. Can’t wait for the rest of the nursery to come together! I’ll definitely do a nursery reveal post later! [2] HELLO TARGET’S DIAPER DEAL! Thanks to First Time Mommy Group on FB, I learned about an amazing diaper sale at Target. We literally drove to three different Targets in the area and stocked up on diapers in various sizes. I’m pretty sure we are covered for at least 9 months if not more. [3] At this week’s doctor’s appointment, I had glucose screening & tolerance test done. Despite what I’ve read from other mommies, the drink I had to drink was NOT bad at all! I actually kind of liked my orange flavored drink. Haha. Anyway, the result came back, and I am in the clear for gestational diabetes, in fact, my result was pretty low compared to the standard range. I was kind of surprised, because I swear I consumed A LOT more sugar than pre-pregnancy – remember all my fruit cravings?? Nonetheless, I’m glad that I’m having a healthy pregnancy thus far! Also at the doctor’s this week, I was told Emma has turned around, and her head is now down! We will confirm at next week’s ultrasound appointment, but based on where her heart is, the doctor said she is in the ideal position for vaginal delivery, and it is unlikely that she will turn to breech position at this stage. This explains why I’ve been feeling so much pressure down below!

3 cons of this week: [1] Feeling anxious (what else is new?) about how little time we have until Emma arrives! And what if she arrives earlier than her due date? We still have a lot to prepare for including finishing the nursery! We also want to take a babymoon trip and do a maternity photo shoot. So much to do, so little time! [2] Feeling like house chores are ballooning! I’m moving so slow lately that things I want to do around the house takes longer than usual. [3] Not having enough energy lately.

Looking forward to: Seeing our beautiful girl’s face again during our next week’s ultrasound appointment!

29 Weeks

July 22, 2015 - Emma @ 29 weeks and 4 days! It looks like she's smiling at us! So in love <3

July 22, 2015 – Emma @ 29 weeks and 4 days! It looks like she’s smiling at us! So in love ❤

Baby’s size: An acorn squash!

Baby’s movement: She moves throughout the day per usual, but her movements are consistent in the morning when I wake up and at night when I lay down to sleep. I look forward to it every day 🙂

Total weight gain: 24 lbs!

Pregnancy symptoms: Oh. My. Lord. The other day, I told Steve that by far, this pain I feel in my pubic/pelvic region is the worst of my pregnancy. It is most painful when I move to get out of the bed and when I switch positions at night. I feel like someone is punching my down there repeatedly. It’s awful!! I love you babygirl, but man, mama is having the toughest time dealing with this pain.

Food love: I swear pregnancy makes you have the weirdest cravings. Like my doughnut craving not too long ago, I had a sudden urge to eat brownies after seeing a picture. I say weirdest cravings, because I never ever eat brownies! I don’t even like chocolate, yet I could not live without them this week. I’m hoping it’s just a one time thing like it was with Krispy Kreme doughnuts…

Food hate: Nothing new!

Sleep: Awful. I always wake up at least once to go to the bathroom, and it’s so painful in my pelvic region to get out of bed or change positions during my sleep. 😦

Currently living in: Same comfy maternity clothes on repeat.

3 pros of this week: [1] Seeing Emma for the growth ultrasound appointment! I know, I know, all the mamas in the world think their baby is the cutest and I don’t blame them, because Emma is the cutest in my eyes! She has plumped up a bit since we last saw her, and I can’t stand her little nose and mouth!! [2] Confirming Emma is growing well and healthy! She’s actually measuring longer and weighing more than average! [3] Shopping for Emma’s clothes! It’s happening!!

3 cons of this week: [1] Having major pubic/pelvic pains. [2] Hot weather in NC, we don’t get to enjoy outdoors as much as we’d like because it’s so hot! [3] Having a lot of work and trying to keep up.

Looking forward to: Getting away for the weekend! We are planning on doing a short trip to a beach for our babymoon!

Second Trimester Recap

People weren’t kidding when they say second trimester is the best trimester! Although I’ve had relatively easy pregnancy thus far, second trimester was a breeze! I felt more energized, I worked out a bit more, and my hormones were pretty much balanced. Remember how I broke out like crazy in the first trimester? I also noticed that my food aversions and cravings were pretty much stable until I got closer to the third trimester. I’m only two weeks into third trimester now, but in my opinion, second trimester is the most fun period! You get to see what your baby looks like, you get to find out what you are having, you start feeling the baby, and it just starts to feel so much more real that you will soon have a little bundle of joy to hold in your arms! 🙂 I think it also felt more real for Steve, because he was able to feel Emma as well. Overall, I’m thankful for a smooth/easy pregnancy, and Steve and I can’t wait until the day Emma is born! Here’s to the last trimester! I bet it’s going to fly by!


Pregnancy Update: 22 – 25 Weeks


22 Weeks

Jun 1, 2015 - Emma @ 22 weeks & 2 days ultrasound

Jun 1, 2015 – Emma @ 22 weeks & 2 days ultrasound

Baby’s size: Papaya

Baby’s movement: Kicking and punching throughout the day!

Total weight gain: Not sure! I didn’t get to weigh myself in the middle of moving and all.

Pregnancy symptoms: Occasional hip pains and major indigestion!

Food love: I have never had Sour Patch Kids before, and I happened to come across it at the airport when travelling this week, so I tried it. And I liked it. I’ve also been eating a lot of string cheese..

Food hate: Nothing in particular. Still not liking hard-boiled eggs. It makes me wonder if I’ll ever go back to liking them.

Sleep: Still sleeping 5-7 hours per night.

Currently living in: Still my regular wardrobe!

3 pros of this week: [1] Being able to see Emma again during our follow-up anatomy scan. I swear her facial features have further developed since 2 weeks ago. [2] Sweet little surprise Steve had planned when we checked-in to our hotel room in Chicago for our 1 year wedding anniversary. [3] Moving rest of our things to NC! We are ALL moved-in and Steve is starting his new job next week 🙂

3 cons of this week: [1] Crappy weather this week! [2] Allergies! UGH! [3] The WORST return flight experience from Chicago. It was our first time flying Spirit for our return flight, and NEVER AGAIN.

Looking forward to: Exploring our new city!

23 Weeks

Baby’s size: Grapefruit

Baby’s movement: Tons! Her kicks/punches are getting harder too, strong baby girl 🙂

Total weight gain: 18 lbs!!! Holy mama!

Pregnancy symptoms: Major hip pains! Indigestion from time to time. Leg cramps!!

Food love: Nothing in particular other than the usual.

Food hate: Not much!

Sleep: Sleep’s eh, I’ve been waking up a lot in the middle of the night either to go to the bathroom or change my sleeping position.

Currently living in: I bought some maternity clothes!! And I’m on a hunt for more! A big reality check that even my shift dresses and maxi dresses are getting super tight in my tummy region.

3 pros of this week: [1] Steve’s first week of new job! [2] Productive weekend getting settled in our new home. [3] Feeling great about a fresh start.

3 cons of this week: This week’s been personally tough on so many levels, but I’m learning to move on and keep positive.

Looking forward to: Finding a new hospital/OB-GYN for myself and a pediatrician for Emma!

24 Weeks

Baby’s size: Cantaloupe!

Baby’s movement: I swear Emma recognizes her daddy’s voice. Steve’s been in NC by himself last week while I tied up loose ends in Baltimore. When we finally reunited, of course he immediately went for my belly to start talking to Emma. As soon as she heard his voice, she started moving like crazy! We’d like to believe that she missed her daddy’s voice for the past week 🙂

Total weight gain: Still at 18 lbs.

Pregnancy symptoms: Hip pains; waddling – yes, I see why people start to waddle as their belly gets bigger; leg cramps.

Food love: Nothing in particular other than the usual.

Food hate: Nothing in particular.

Sleep: Sleep is getting worse. I wake up multiple times a night and before my alarm goes off every morning. I’m averaging about 5 hours of sleep each night 😦

Currently living in: Holy, it is H-O-T in NC. At one point, it went up 112 degrees over the weekend. I’m living in loose, flowy dresses to adjust to the heat. And you all know heat and I do not go well together..

3 pros of this week: [1] We are almost settled in our new place! We have a few boxes for my office to unpack and lots of wall decor to put up, but our new home is coming together! [2] We went shopping for Emma for the very first time! We got some essential onesies for newborns and the cutest chambray shirt and cardigan!! There are so many adorable clothes for baby girls, I’m in trouble! [3] Reuniting with Steve, it’s always tough being away from each other for several days or more, but it was especially hard not being with him last week. Super glad to be reunited with my family.

3 cons of this week: Can’t think of anything except the heat.. I’m not sure how I’m going to survive this Summer.

Looking forward to: Exploring more of our new state!

25 Weeks


I am in love with my growing baby bump! ❤

Baby’s size: Cauliflower!

Baby’s movement: Emma moves throughout the day when I’m sitting and working, as soon as I get up and move around, her movements stop..or maybe I’m just feeling less of it since I’m active. I did notice that she is most active in the mornings and evenings. She also likes to move when I play music, feels like she’s moving with the beats LOL!

Total weight gain: 20 lbs!

Pregnancy symptoms: Same old – hip pains; leg cramps. My feet are starting to swell a bit when I walk around a lot. It could also be the heat.

Food love: I’ve been eating a lot of watermelon these days.. SO GOOD! Also, thank the lord for OJ!! I think I mentioned it in previous pregnancy update post, but I am obsessed with orange juice lately! I’ve never been an OJ drinker, but man, I’m gulping it down every single day! Lastly, we found a Vietnamese restaurant half a mile from our place, and they have bahn mi sandwiches (I’ve been deprived of bahn mi sandwiches in Baltimore)!! We know where I’ll be spending my summer. 😉

Food hate: Nothing in particular, still not eating hard-boiled eggs.

Sleep: It’s gotten a little better this week.. I didn’t wake up as much during the night.

Currently living in: I finally purchased maternity clothes from ASOS and GAP Maternity! Maternity clothes are on a roll these days!

3 pros of this week: [1] Finally transferring all my medical records from Hopkins to Duke and setting up my first appointment at Duke next week! [2] Officially becoming North Carolinians!! We got our licenses, title and registration of our car changed! [3] Finding out H-Mart (a huge Korean grocery store chain in U.S.) will be coming to town within the year. This is HUGE! We’ve scoped out one Korean market here which is small, nothing compared to what we are used to in Chicago and Maryland. Although, I’m used to having just one small Korean grocer in town, because that’s what I grew up with in Richmond, Chicago and Maryland spoiled me! I need my H-Mart!

3 cons of this week: [1] Missing my coworkers in the office. This was my second full week of working remotely, and I’m finding it kinda hard to adjust not being in the office. [2] Wanting to be in SF with my two bffs who are having lots of fun without me! 😦 [3] Reality check that I should make some friends here…but how? Mommy groups?

Looking forward to: Our baby shower next weekend!!!!! SO EXCITED to see all of our family and friends to celebrate Emma! ❤


Pregnancy Update: 18 – 21 Weeks

With moving and all, we didn’t get to take bump pictures for the past month! But I did squeeze in some selfies 😉


18 Weeks

Baby’s size: Sweet Potato

Baby’s movement: Oh my, so much movement! Especially when I eat breakfast in the morning, I think Jelly Belly is having a dance party, moving nonstop for the entire morning! I can now identify the baby’s movements, it’s unreal!

Total weight gain: 11 lbs!

Pregnancy symptoms: Not much except I have some hip pain on my left hip.

Food love: Korean sweet potatoes! And bagels again 😉

Food hate: Nothing in particular.

Sleep: Sleeping on my side is trucking along! I would flip over to my back in the middle of the night, but Steve ends up turning me to my side. Generally, sleep has been fine.

Currently living in: Still my regular wardrobe!

3 pros of this week: [1] Finally got my lazy butt off the couch and started working out again after one month hiatus. [2] Exploring possible new location for our family. [3] Playing with Steve’s coworker’s baby – practice! 😉

3 cons of this week: Not much this week!

Looking forward to: Checking out some new places this weekend!

19 Weeks

Baby’s size: Mango

Baby’s movement: A lot! Especially in the morning when I eat breakfast 🙂

Total weight gain: 13 lbs! This mama is getting big!

Pregnancy symptoms: Occasional headaches.

Food love: Korean dumplings!! Obsessed. Fruits as always, and just started getting into orange juice and string cheese!!

Food hate: Nothing in particular.

Sleep: Okay, but I’ve been waking up before my alarm goes off in the morning.. annoying.

Currently living in: Still my regular wardrobe!

3 pros of this week: [1] Celebrating my very first Mother’s Day. [2] Steve cooking me breakfast for being a mom-to-be. [3] Another good news for Steve – getting those job offers from left and right 😉

3 cons of this week: [1] Sleeping alone for a night this week. [2] Waiting game anxiety. [3] Being strap for time!

Looking forward to: Finding out the sex of our Jelly Belly next week!!!!!!!!

20 Weeks

May 19, 2015 - Jelly Belly @ 20 weeks anatomy scan.

May 19, 2015 – Jelly Belly @ 20 weeks anatomy scan.

Baby’s size: Banana

Baby’s movement: I swear Jelly Belly holds jam sessions all the time!

Total weight gain: 13 lbs

Pregnancy symptoms: Waking up to pee at night. Oh.My.Lord. It’s a problem. And, my girls, ta-tas are growing! I’m definitely not complaining, but I’m going to have to purchase new bras soon.

Food love: Nothing really new! But I really, I mean, REALLY crave drinking a cold beer. I think it’s the heat, but man..

Food hate: Nothing in particular.

Sleep: I woke up with pain in my abdomen area and realized it’s because I flipped over on my back.. It’s starting, I can’t sleep on my back anymore 😦

Currently living in: Still my regular wardrobe!

3 pros of this week: [1] Spending all day Sunday with my parents and eating delicious home cooked meal made by my mommy 🙂 [2] Moving to NC! [3] Finding out Jelly Belly’s sex!

3 cons of this week: [1] Feeling so strapped for time! [2] Dentist appointment – I hate going to the dentist. [3] Not knowing what to wear for a wedding next weekend.

Looking forward to: Our Chicago visit next week!

21 Weeks

Baby’s size: Pomegranate

Baby’s movement: Jelly Belly loves sweets, goes crazy whenever I eat/drink anything sweet.

Total weight gain: 15-16 lbs! This mama is getting huge!

Pregnancy symptoms: Other than feeling some hip pains on my left hip and occasional round ligament pains, I’m feeling pretty great lately. Oh! I noticed the linea nigra (line that forms on your belly when pregnant) this week. It’s faint, but definitely there.

Food love: Nothing in particular.

Food hate: Nothing in particular.

Sleep: I’m averaging around 5-7 hrs of sleep per night.

Currently living in: Still my regular wardrobe!

3 pros of this week: [1] Being in Chicago and seeing my Chicago family and friends! [2] Jelly Belly finally meeting Chicago family and friends for the first time. [3] Steve feeling Jelly Belly for the first time this week! I was laying down on the bed, and Jelly Belly started moving, and I could see my belly move with the movements (my first time seeing my belly move), so I yelled for Steve immediately. He’s been patiently waiting to feel the baby, and Jelly Belly is now big enough for him to feel and see the movements! The look on his face was priceless! My sister also felt Jelly Belly move for the first time! She freaked out and didn’t know what to do, but it was the cutest thing!

3 cons of this week: [1] Not being able to see all of my friends in Chicago. [2] Feeling like a whale… [3] Not getting a good night sleep! 😦

Looking forward to: Our one year anniversary! Can’t believe it’s been a year already since we got married! ❤


Pregnancy Update: 14 – 17 Weeks

*This post is super delayed since I’m now at 20 weeks 😉


14 Weeks

Baby’s size: Lemon

Baby’s movement: I can’t distinguish between flutters from baby’s movement or gas bubbles… LOL!

Total weight gain: 5 lbs!

Pregnancy symptoms: They aren’t joking when they say 2nd trimester comes with headaches! These headaches are a killer!

Food love: Still loving fruits, I have moved away from berries to bananas and nectarines. I also discovered Rita’s like a mile from our home, this is going to be trouble!

Food hate: I haven’t had any strong aversions lately..

Sleep: As usual, random dreams are still happening every night.

Currently living in: Still surviving on non-maternity clothes!

3 pros of this week: [1] Entering 2nd trimester! [2] A little pop of my belly! [3] Feeling very loved by our family, friends and coworkers!

3 cons of this week: [1] Nonstop headaches for two days straight. [2] Rainy/gloomy weather this week. [3] Steve being sick.

Looking forward to: My growing belly!! Grow Baby, grow!

15 Weeks

Baby’s size: Orange

Baby’s movement: Okay, so at times I was convinced that I could feel the flutters of Jelly Belly moving, but from my last Ultrasound result, it looks like I have an anterior placenta which means my placenta is in the front not towards the back by the spine. So this means that it’s harder to feel the tiny baby moving, because I have an extra layer of protection in the front. Looks like I’ll have to wait until Jelly Belly actually kicks to feel anything.

Total weight gain: 6 lbs

Pregnancy symptoms: My headache is still on and off, and man I have major sinus congestion. I’ve never had sinus congestion in my entire life, and my eyeballs feel like they are going to pop from the pressure 😦

Food love: Okay, so don’t judge, but I’ve been having bacon, egg and cheese on a bagel for breakfast every morning…

Food hate: I’m pleasantly surprised that I don’t have much aversions to food, except hard-boiled eggs. I still don’t like them.

Sleep: Can we say insomnia? I mean I’m exaggerating a bit here, but I can’t fall asleep as early as I used to anymore! I’m going to bed at like midnight these days!

Currently living in: Still surviving on non-maternity clothes!

3 pros of this week: [1] Steve and I finally finished watching Game of Thrones Season 4! [2] Coworkers noticing my bump! [3] Putting away winter clothes!

3 cons of this week: [1] TMI warning: my normal poop schedule is messed up. I normally relieve myself in the morning, as soon as I wake up, but lately it’s been flip-flopped. I now go to the bathroom right before bed! [2] Pregnancy brain! [3] Super busy week at work.

Looking forward to: Turning 29 next week, last year of my twenties!

16 Weeks

Baby’s size: Avocado

Baby’s movement: I swear I felt something! TWICE! I was asking other mommies-to-be on a forum about how baby’s movements feel like at this stage, and there were many descriptions. i.e. butterflies, fish brushing up against your skin, popping, gas bubbles, tennis ball rolling in your tummy and etc. I was laying in bed, and I felt this pressure in my uterus, felt like something was pressing, like rolling a dough almost.. I’ve never felt it before, and I’m pretty sure it’s not gas. I felt the same feeling twice in two different days, so I’m going to believe that it’s Jelly Belly playing. 😉 Feels surreal!

Total weight gain: 7 lbs

Pregnancy symptoms: On and off headaches per usual; nosebleed – it’s not a full on dripping blood, but whenever I blow my nose in the morning, I see blood.

Food love: Nothing new.

Food hate: Nothing new.

Sleep: I tried sleeping on my side, because some books say I should start now. I’m a back sleeper, so first time trying to sleep on my side was tough! I woke up multiple times at night. My solution? I bought a pregnancy pillow on Amazon! The brand is Leachco. Can’t wait til it arrives!

Currently living in: Still surviving on non-maternity clothes!

3 pros of this week: [1] Feeling Jelly Belly for the first time! [2] Jelly Belly can hear our voices now, and Steve and I have been talking/singing to the baby a lot 🙂 [3] Hearing the strong heartbeat again at the doctor’s this week. [4] One more, because it was my birthday this week, and Steve took me out to dinner then drew me a bath!

3 cons of this week: [1] Round ligament pains. [2] Breaking out again! [3] Temperature dropping to 30’s at night!

Looking forward to: Welcoming a possible new change in our lives!

17 Weeks

Baby’s size: Onion

Baby’s movement: I’m feeling subtle movements more and more now!

Total weight gain: 9 lbs

Pregnancy symptoms: Constipation which led to having hemorrhoids. I know this is TMI, but I’m trying to keep it real on my blog, and this is what’s happening in my life right now. My very first experience with hemorrhoids, and it ain’t pretty.

Food love: I had a craving for white chocolate covered pretzels the other day, and y’all know chocolate ain’t my thang.

Food hate: Nothing new.

Sleep: So at the doctor’s appointment last week, it was confirmed that I do not need to worry about sleeping on my side until another 4 weeks or so. Hallelujah! I got a little more time on my back until, I’m forbidden. But, my preggo pillow came in, and it’s seriously life-changing. Now, Steve wants to get one for himself! Silly man.. 😀

Currently living in: Still surviving on non-maternity clothes with the help of Ingrid & Isabel’s Bellaband in black and white to stretch my luck a little further on wearing regular clothes! Also, I had to buy new undies, because my derrière is getting bigger along with my hips! I have graduated from xs/s undies to m size undies! Bring on the apple bottom! 😉

3 pros of this week: [1] Small weekend road trip to North Carolina! [2] Exciting news about Steve. [3] Buying our very own domain! (Did you notice the domain name change?)

3 cons of this week: [1] Hemorrhoids. [2] Awful situation in Baltimore. [3] Anxiety from possible life changes in the near future.

Looking forward to: Certainty on possible new changes!


Not Ready for Maternity Jeans…Yet!

Not ready to accept the reality? Call me stubborn, frugal, and/or unrealistic, but I am determined to survive on non-maternity clothes as long as I possibly can! What’s the holdout? I don’t really have good reasons behind it.. LOL. I just think it’s a waste to buy a whole bunch of maternity clothes that I will only wear a fraction of my lifetime. Subconsciously, I may not be accepting the fact that I am going to balloon in my tummy region in about a few weeks… Let’s get real, I know I’m going to have to eventually go out and buy maternity jeans/clothes, but until then, I’m going to make my regular wardrobe work as long as my growing belly lets me. But with that said, I’m pretty sure the day I need to purchase maternity clothes is fast approaching.. The other day, I pulled out my trusted, fat jean shorts I normally wear loosely over the summer, and sure enough, I could not zip it. A small part of me actually thought I would be able to zip it at least, but nope! It ain’t happening. Thankfully, I have a lot of loose clothes and shift dresses to survive another few weeks! To be honest, when I’m not at work or heading out on the weekend, I’m usually in my t-shirts and yoga pants/leggings. And since I work from home two days out of the week, I only need to get creative for three days for work. I have been surviving on trusted hair-tie trick to keep my pants together, but this belly of mine has outgrown that trick about a week ago. Since then, I’ve been relying on Ingrid & Isabel’s Bellaband. And let me tell ya, these bands are the greatest inventions for preggo women! I can still wear all of my jeans/slacks. Now, my derrière is a whole new story. It seems to be growing alongside my belly, but until I can no longer pull up my jeans/slacks over my behind, these Bellabands will be my best friend!

Because I love seeing how other preggo ladies dress up their bumps, I’ll leave you with how creative I’ve been with my current, non-maternity wardrobe! Obviously, most of the outfits pictured are non-workfits, because I certainly can’t go into my office in a romper 😉 Please excuse bad/phone quality pictures. One of these days, I’ll put my husband to work on taking some “outfit” pics, but for now this will do!