San Diego Fun!

After leaving our overnight cabin stay in Crestline, we made our way down SoCal to La Jolla, San Diego to visit Steve’s cousin, Frances and her family, Jeff and Jacob. We rarely get to see them so we were super excited to spend quality time with them, especially with their 2 yo son, Jacob. Jacob and Emma are the first two cousins in their generation from Steve’s dad’s side of the family living in the states. And it’s extra fun since they are the same age!


Frances and Jeff welcomed us with open arms to stay with them at their place in downtown La Jolla. I could not believe my eyes when we got there, they literally live on the beach. We woke up to the sound of waves and sea salt aroma every morning. It was heavenly.


First night, we had a delicious home cooked meal, surf and turf. Jeff dives and catches lobsters in the ocean, so you better believe it when I say the lobster was phenomenal. It cannot be fresher than that! It literally melted in my mouth.

Jacob and Emma hit it off right away, I’m sure Em was super excited to have another little human to play with 24/7. Jacob was such a sweetheart sharing all his toys with Em and always flashing his cheesiest grin! Whenever Em went to the bathroom or to bed, Jacob would call for her. How adorable is that! We had a lot of fun catching up and getting to know each other over our stay. They were the greatest hosts taking us around town to fun places and good eats. We went to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park where we took a tram to see all the animals roaming around the zoo. It was such an awesome experience! The parents also got to enjoy some adult fun visiting different breweries and catching up at night after putting the babies to bed. We ended our SD trip with going on a morning hike at Torrey Pines and grabbing our last meal at Duke’s.


breakfast @ the Cottage with our goofball ❤


cuzzo love ❤


listening to uncle Jeff’s heart!

after dinner fun @ Liberty Public Market
kiddos were super excited to head to the zoo! ❤
watching the bird show at the zoo requires a lot of concentration. 😉



big cuzzo love ❤


on the tram ride!


after zoo adult fun at Stone Brewing while babies nap in the strollers 🙂


ready for the hike!


Spending quality time with Frances, Jeff and Jacob was such a pleasure. Because we don’t see much of each other, it’s hard to connect and get to know one another. But I’m so glad to have spent a few days with them as they are such a nice, genuine, and down to earth family! We truly appreciate you guys inviting us into your home to share with us a bit of your life in La Jolla! We cannot wait to see you guys again, hopefully very soon in Raleigh! We love you! ❤ Also, Frances is a blogger mom too – check out her blog here. She shares her story of motherhood with a very demanding job as an anesthesiologist!



Here’s to the Last Year of My Twenties!

So I have entered the last year of my twenties! I think it’s appropriate to dedicate a short reflective post on this small milestone of mine as I listen to 90’s K-Pop hits. Clearly, setting the perfect mood for this post is just as important as writing it.

My twenties were all about growing up. At the age of 19, I moved away from my parents to a city I’ve never been to without knowing a soul. With new-found freedom, I certainly did my share of having “too” much fun in my early twenties – making mistakes, taking things for granted, and not caring about the world. I did have to make up for it later, and it definitely was not easy. LOL. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have any regrets. Sure, there are a few things a 29-year-old Maddie would tell a 20-year-old Maddie not to do, but I truly believe that things happen for a reason. And to be honest, most are a reflection of your actions. Whatever roads I took as my young, reckless self, I am healthy, happy and eternally grateful for my life at 29. I know I still have a lot more maturing to do, but I feel great to welcome last year of my twenties! I mean after all, this time around next year, I’ll probably be celebrating my birthday with barf all over my shirt. I gotta make the best of it while it lasts! 😉

Joking aside, I know this year is going to the most amazing year of my life, and I’m so ready to experience all things new with this cutie by my side! ❤