Real Mom Talk: Mom Style [GIVEAWAY]

I have to be honest here. Ever since becoming a mom, my style has changed. Bye bye to cut-off short shorts, mini skirts, open back crop tops, side boob (nonexistent) exposing camis, and etc. But that doesn’t necessarily mean my style has to suffer, I just modify it to fit this stage of my life – being a mom. I noticed that I started gravitating towards more of “mom clothes”, a little more  covered up, a bit more practical, and a lot more comfortable. Ain’t nobody want to see me flashing my ta-tas bending down to pick Em up! 😛 However, mom style can be cute and appealing too, like this floral wrap dress from PinkBlush! I love the boho style of this dress with right amount of flare but still appropriate for a mom like me. The best part of this dress is that it can also be worn as a maternity dress! I’ll be sure to rock this piece when we are pregnant with a second baby (whenever that’ll be!) – it’s so comfy!


I’ve teamed up with PinkBlush to offer a $50 gift card to their store. For all you ladies looking for a chic, boho style apparel, head over to my Instagram for a chance to win the gift card to shop PinkBlush!




Gap Baby Girl Summer Picks

I am becoming obsessed with dressing Em. Forget worrying about my own #ootd, let me first make sure my little babe is looking adorable! Summer is a GREAT season for making sure your baby girl’s outfit is on point! There are too many choices from sun hats to rompers to dresses! Here are my must haves for Em for the Summer from Gap. Can’t wait to put her in them! 🙂














Not Ready for Maternity Jeans…Yet!

Not ready to accept the reality? Call me stubborn, frugal, and/or unrealistic, but I am determined to survive on non-maternity clothes as long as I possibly can! What’s the holdout? I don’t really have good reasons behind it.. LOL. I just think it’s a waste to buy a whole bunch of maternity clothes that I will only wear a fraction of my lifetime. Subconsciously, I may not be accepting the fact that I am going to balloon in my tummy region in about a few weeks… Let’s get real, I know I’m going to have to eventually go out and buy maternity jeans/clothes, but until then, I’m going to make my regular wardrobe work as long as my growing belly lets me. But with that said, I’m pretty sure the day I need to purchase maternity clothes is fast approaching.. The other day, I pulled out my trusted, fat jean shorts I normally wear loosely over the summer, and sure enough, I could not zip it. A small part of me actually thought I would be able to zip it at least, but nope! It ain’t happening. Thankfully, I have a lot of loose clothes and shift dresses to survive another few weeks! To be honest, when I’m not at work or heading out on the weekend, I’m usually in my t-shirts and yoga pants/leggings. And since I work from home two days out of the week, I only need to get creative for three days for work. I have been surviving on trusted hair-tie trick to keep my pants together, but this belly of mine has outgrown that trick about a week ago. Since then, I’ve been relying on Ingrid & Isabel’s Bellaband. And let me tell ya, these bands are the greatest inventions for preggo women! I can still wear all of my jeans/slacks. Now, my derrière is a whole new story. It seems to be growing alongside my belly, but until I can no longer pull up my jeans/slacks over my behind, these Bellabands will be my best friend!

Because I love seeing how other preggo ladies dress up their bumps, I’ll leave you with how creative I’ve been with my current, non-maternity wardrobe! Obviously, most of the outfits pictured are non-workfits, because I certainly can’t go into my office in a romper 😉 Please excuse bad/phone quality pictures. One of these days, I’ll put my husband to work on taking some “outfit” pics, but for now this will do!