Fall Loving


The summer days are long gone and we finally have brisk fall weather! Hallelujah! And what’s fall without a trip to a good ole pumpkin patch? 🙂

The month of October was kind of crazy for us (what else is new? Why does it seem like every month since we moved has been so hectic?) starting off with Emma’s first birthday party (post coming real soon, I promise). Then came Hurricane Matthew. Thankfully no one was hurt around our area, but it poured the entire weekend! The following weekend, we had to travel to Baltimore because I had to be in the office so off to grandma’s we went! But don’t fret! We couldn’t pass up an opportunity to take cute baby pictures with pumpkins and the whole shebang! We went to Chapel Hills Farm & Nursery in Perry Hall. It actually worked out great because Emma got to have another play date with one of her baby friends, Roy (remember their first play date?)


Our little pumpkin surrounded by lots of pumpkins! ❤



Way too cute! They even matched in their outfits (unintentional)!!!


The baby goat thought Emma’s foot was yummy 😉



She was obsessed with going through the tunnel! She saw the big kids do it and didn’t hesitate to try it herself. Such a brave little baby!



Best buds ❤


Because we were away from home, I didn’t get to decorate, let alone carve pumpkins like last year. 😦 But Steve and I plan on doing a little bit of Trick or Treating with Emma around our block then passing out candy sitting on our front porch with a beer or two after we put Emma to bed. I think we’ll even start a Halloween tradition of watching a scary movie before going to bed!

And just like that, October will be gone and November will come, last month of fall and another month of traveling for the SHwangs. This time around, Chicago for Thanksgiving! See you soon, Chicago! Go Cubs Go! 🙂



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