Memorial Day Weekend

After almost 1.5 weeks of 8 months sleep regression, Steve and I welcomed the long weekend with open arms! We have survived yet another sleep regression, yay! Although this one wasn’t as bad as her 4 months one, it was still very exhausting. So, so glad to have our good sleeper back!

My parents visited for the weekend to spend time with us. The timing was actually really great because Steve and I were able to go out on a date to celebrate our two year wedding anniversary which is today! (Happy anniversary, Babe! ❤ ) My parents had no objections on babysitting, they are obsessed with Em. It was nice going out and spending time with each other, enjoying a meal without feeling rushed. Thanks, mom and dad for babysitting! 🙂



Attack of the grandparents! ❤

We were cooped up inside the house the entire weekend due to horrible weather. Thankfully, Memorial Day’s weather eased up a bit and no rain was in sight for a good chunk of the day. After my parents left, we took advantage of the weather and went to a park to get some fresh air and take pictures of Em. As Em gets older, dressing her up in cute clothes has been so much more fun! I swear it’s becoming a hobby, but I can’t resist! Definitely perks of having a girl. 😉




2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. I miss having a baby girl this age! Definitely soak in each and every day (even if it gets hard sometimes) because one day you will look back with fond memories. I didn’t really understand this either, but now I would do anything to go back to my daughters being this age. I guess that’s why I have another one on the way! 😉 Hope you had a wonderful anniversary with hubby.


    • Thank you, Angela! I already miss Em as a newborn, but not yet ready too add a second one to the mix 😉 Do you know what you are having?


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