5.8.2016 Celebrating Mother’s Day together at church

How lucky am I to have gone through the journey of pregnancy with my best friend? Now we are experiencing motherhood at the same time. Our college sorority days are long gone and conversations on “boys” are replaced with “babies”. It was my first time seeing my best friend since she gave birth on Christmas Eve. And I’m not gonna lie, it made me choke up a little seeing her holding her baby boy Charles when she opened the door. We are mothers now. Em and I had so much fun hanging out with Charles. Em definitely loved meeting her boyfriend for the first time. 😉 Of course I was equally excited to be reunited with my best friend. We may live far and don’t get to see each other often, but I’m so thankful to embark on this tough road of motherhood with her. It just makes it that much easier. ❤



“Really auntie Sabrina? Really?!” – Em




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