Horseshoe Farm

One of the greatest things about living in North Carolina is that there’s so much greenery everywhere you go! It’s completely opposite from the city life we used to live back in Chicago and Baltimore. We are surrounded by tons of different trails and small parks with an open field like the Horseshoe Farm we discovered not too long ago. This past weekend, we revisited it just to get outside on a Saturday. To our surprise, there was barely anyone at the park, and no one was in the field! It felt like we had the park all to ourselves, so naturally, it turned into a mini photo session. 😉



This picture makes me laugh because we have the same expression!


Steve has always been an outdoorsy person. I grew up going camping with my family and such, but he definitely rubbed off on me a bit a lot when it comes to being super outdoorsy. We are training Emma early to love the outdoors too! Because Emma is mostly cooped up inside our home during the week with her nanny, we make an effort to get out on the weekends even if it’s just for a drive somewhere. It also helps pass time when we are out and about, plus she LOVES to feel the breeze when outside, she goes crazy! And she loves being carried in her Ergobaby 360 carrier more than being in a stroller. What a little princess. 😉

We are traveling to Chicago tomorrow to visit family and friends! We are actually driving instead of flying since we will be there for a week and we have TONS of stuff. Plus, we’ll need a car while we are there too. It’ll be Em’s first long distance road trip. We will make a stop in Ohio to stay the night, but fingers crossed that our drive won’t be too crazy with a 7 month old baby. Can’t wait to see all my Chicago loves!



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