Emma’s 100th Day Celebration!


In Korean culture, we celebrate baby’s 100th day after birth. Unfortunately it was common back in the day for babies to pass away due to sicknesses, so the 100th day celebrates life and achieving this significant milestone. I have also heard that the 100th day also celebrates parents of the baby as well since the first 100 days after birth is supposed to be the most difficult time for the parents. Here’s to Steve and me coming out alive and still standing (even in zombie mode)! Woo hoo! I sure hope it’s true when the adults say, it’ll get much easier from here and on. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, since a lot of our family members are afar, we decided to have a small gathering of people near us to celebrate Em’s 100th day. Her 100th day happened to land on a Saturday (Jan 9, 2016), so we were able to celebrate it on that exact day. We rented our community clubhouse and invited Steve’s coworkers and our friends in the area. My parents drove down from Maryland and my sister flew in from NYC – super thankful for them to have traveled to come celebrate with us! It’s a tradition for the baby to wear all white, so Emma was decked out in a white dress, courtesy of my mother (too bad we didn’t take her outfit pic!). My parents also ordered rice cakes specifically made for the 100th day celebration, another tradition. We were able to decorate the dessert table and snap some pictures before the guests arrived. Emma was due for a nap and was super distracted so didn’t give us a single smile! Miss crankypants. I wish we took pictures with the guests, we were too busy playing hosts that we didn’t get to take any! 😦 Em was so good letting us mingle with our guests, she slept most of the time while we had fun! I swear these baby celebrations are more for the adults than the babies. 😛 I actually got to reconnect with a good friend from high school who I have not seen since freshman year of college! Her and her family happen to live 30 minutes away from us, so I’m super excited to have another friend in the area! Yay!


We want to thank everyone who came out to celebrate Emma’s 100th day and showering her with gifts! She is one lucky gal! 🙂



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