Excited about Autumn!

I think Summer heat is finally taking the backseat here in North Carolina, and Fall weather is fast approaching! The entire Summer here was way too hot for me. It could be that I was very pregnant during the peak of the Summer, and I felt its wrath of scorching sun even more… But boy, am I glad to welcome the cool weather! It’s been raining all last week, but even that doesn’t bother me as long as it is not 100 degrees out. The temperature has now dropped to the 70’s, sometimes even dropping lower to high 60’s, and I can enjoy my walks around the neighborhood without showering in my own sweat. Sexy.

Pumpkins everywhere! And this warm caramel apple sundae was to die for at Dairy Depot in Wake Forest!

This past weekend, Steve and I decided to go for a walk on the Neuse River Trail in Raleigh, a new trail Steve had found which he’s been wanting to check out. It was wet due to the misty rain all morning, but thankfully the rain stopped as soon as we started walking, and it was beautiful! The weather was the perfect Fall weather, and I even got to bust out my scarf and cardigan! Can’t wait for the little babe to be born, so I can (hopefully) put away my maternity clothes! Speaking of the little babe, she is still cozy in my belly. I’m now 39 weeks, and her due date is this Saturday. I’ve been experiencing a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions, and some are very painful which makes me think I’m going into labor. Such a tease! Only time will tell, but this could potentially be the last pregnancy photo Steve captures, and this post may very well be the last post I upload until Emma makes her grand entrance. Fingers crossed that the next time I post, I’ll be cradling our little love bug 🙂





Weekend Recap: Football Is Here!

This past weekend was a very relaxing one. We’ve been having a lot of visitors for the past two months, so it was nice having the weekend to ourselves. I almost forgot what weekends looked like just the two of us.. Haha.

On Saturday, I got myself pampered and got my hair retouched. It was much overdue! I’ve been looking for a salon since we moved here, but haven’t had the chance to actually do my research and find a stylist. All the girls will agree, hair makes a person, and my outgrown roots look was definitely a hot mess. It was on my list of things to do before Emma comes. I know this mama is not gonna look pretty 9 out of 10 times, but at least my hair color will be (hopefully) on point.

After my hair appointment, Steve and I had lunch in downtown Durham. We were both craving wood fired pizza and decided to check out Pizzeria Toro which we had flagged to try. And hello, pizza! It was so good, definitely going to be our go to pizza joint! After lunch, we made our way down South of Durham to a suburb about 30 minutes from where we live to check out different parts of the triangle area. There’s so much nature to take in within 30 mile radius of where we live, so we love driving around and exploring new places. It was a lazy Saturday afternoon well spent!

Fennel sausage and roasted peppers red pizza.

Fennel sausage and roasted peppers red pizza.

Last but not least, Sunday Funday aka NFL Sunday! I know Autumn is here when Steve lets me know that he will be busy a few nights and cannot be distracted.. that translates to, “I’ve got draft sessions for my fantasy football leagues.” And this triggers the start football season! Although I’m not anywhere close to being on the level of playing my own fantasy football, but I do love watching football, getting rowdy and cheering for the beloved Chicago Bears. it’s the epitome of American lifestyle, and I love everything about that. A-M-U-U-R-I-C-A! LOL. I’m proud to say, I can almost match all of the team names to their respective cities, and in my book, that’s pretty darn good! Yesterday was the season opener, and Steve found a meet-up group of Chicagoans/Bears fans who reserved one of the rooms at a sports bar to watch the game together. I didn’t think it was going to be a big turnout, but there were about 50 or so excited fans, and we had a blast! It was nice watching the game with other people who were just as excited for the Bears as us. It was very family friendly with lots of babies and a wide range of age groups. We even got to meet a family with a baby girl who just moved from Chicago two months ago. Steve and I are definitely making this a weekly thing. Apparently there’s also a meet-up group for Chicago Blackhawks games. Who knew Chicagoan scene is pretty big here? Anyway, I can’t wait until we get to put Em in the Bears onesie and tote her along to these meet-ups! 🙂

Currently at 37 weeks pregnant, I’m sad to report that I can no longer fit into my Bears jersey and had to go sans Bears gears to watch the game, but Steve and I had fun taking above pictures to commence the 2015 season! Bear down!


Pregnancy Update: 30 – 33 Weeks


30 Weeks

Baby’s size: A cucumber!

Baby’s movement: She still kicks and jabs, but I think she is running out of room because most of the time her movements are subtle, almost like she’s rolling around. It makes my tummy shake and vibrate.

Total weight gain: 24 lbs!

Pregnancy symptoms: Pelvic pains whenever I get in and out of bed and switch positions when sleeping; waking up multiple times a night to use the bathroom; Braxton Hicks.

Food love: It’s no surprise I have the weirdest cravings from time to time. This week, I was at Homegoods to find random things for Emma’s nursery.. didn’t find anything but walked out with yogurt covered pretzels, jalapano potato chips and peach jelly candy. Peach jelly looked good until I put one in my mouth, I immediately regretted buying it. LOL.

Food hate: Nada!

Sleep: Not great 😦

Currently living in: Maternity clothes!

3 pros of this week: [1] Finalizing our trip to SF in December for my best friend’s wedding! We are all set to go! I know it’s still 5 months away, but we are super excited! Emma’s first vacation! [2] Decorating our place, it’s slowly coming together – some pictures are finally up on the wall! [3] Hiking and finding a really good Mediterranean restaurant!

Cons of this week: Having a super busy work week – so much to do, so little time… Story of my life.

Looking forward to: Seeing our friends from DC next weekend! Our very first visitors 🙂

Aug 2, 2015 - Emma's nursery is almost ready!

Aug 2, 2015 – Emma’s nursery is slowly coming together!

31 Weeks

Baby’s size: A pineapple!

Baby’s movement: Constant!!

Total weight gain: 26 lbs!!

Pregnancy symptoms: Per usual – pelvic pressure; Braxton Hicks; slow movements; lack of sleep; frequent urination

Food love: I love my Summer melons! We bought three watermelons and two huge canary cantaloupes from the farmer’s market, and I’ve been having them every single day!

Food hate: Nothing much!

Sleep: Unfortunately, my granny bedtime has extended to midnight bedtime despite the fact that my eyes magically open before 7 AM every morning.

Currently living in: Forget dressing cute, let me be comfy with my burgeoning belly!

3 pros of this week: [1] Finding this awesome farmer’s market in Raleigh! There are several in our area, and we’ve been meaning to check them out. We are so glad we found the one in Raleigh which is HUGE! And they are open 7 days a week! Steve made the cutest comment when we were browsing the market – “can’t wait until Emma comes, so we can stroll through with her in her stroller!” Daddy is ready to explore the world with the little one! 🙂 [2] Welcoming our first visitors from DC! [3] Feeling Emma’s hiccups for the very first time! I was laying down in bed getting ready to sleep, and I started feeling this steady and rhythmic thumps in my lower stomach! It went on for about one to two minutes and Emma was moving around simultaneously then the thumps stopped. I’ve only read about feeling the fetus’ hiccups, it was the cutest thing to actually experience it!!

3 cons of this week: Nothing this week! It’s been a blissful one 🙂

Looking forward to: Finishing the nursery! It’s almost there!!

32 Weeks

Baby’s size: A squash!

Baby’s movement: My little squirm-er is always moving about in my belly!

Total weight gain: 28 lbs!

Pregnancy symptoms: Other than the usual, I’m starting to feel really tired as I did in my first trimester.

Food love: Nothing new!

Food hate: Nothing new!

Sleep: Lack of energy totally hit me this week, and I’m sleeping a lot more than before! I’ve been falling asleep on the sofa after dinner and going to bed super early. I think I’m averaging 8-9 hours of sleep this week!

Currently living in: Maternity/shift dresses.

3 pros of this week: [1] Hearing Emma’s heartbeat at the doctor’s. [2] Realizing Emma actually responses when I touch my belly or talk to her. [3] Feeling Emma’s constant hiccups! I know I mentioned this before, but this week’s been nonstop hiccups for Emma, and it is THE cutest thing!! It melts my heart.

Cons of this week: I don’t have much cons this week other than the fact that this week flew by so fast.. In fact, I feel like time is flying by faster now. It also doesn’t help that my work is getting super hectic which makes me nervous for my projects when I go on my maternity leave.. Organizing my work life is getting harder lately.

Looking forward to: Our babymoon and taking maternity pictures!

33 Weeks

Baby’s size: A Durian!

Baby’s movement: Constant! It’s not as quick as her previous movements, but she is definitely moving about in there, poking and stretching her legs!

Total weight gain: 29 lbs! Whoa baby.

Pregnancy symptoms: The usual – pelvic pressure; waddling; harder to move quickly; occasional leg cramps; lack of energy.

Food love: Toast with almond butter and strawberry jam! It’s been my go-to breakfast this entire week. Also, my wonderful work sent me brownies all the way from Baltimore! Emma and I have been indulging in deliciousness!

Food hate: Nothing new!

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping better, a good 7 to 8 hours a night. I still wake up at least once every night to use the bathroom, but other than that, sleep has been good!

Currently living in: Maternity/shift dresses.

4 pros of this week: [1] Taking a relaxing weekend trip to the beach for our babymoon. [2] Taking maternity photos! [3] Installing the car seat in our car! Emma’s seat is permanently ready now 🙂 [4] One more this week – I got a promotion at work! Woo hoo!! Perfect ending to the week.

3 cons of this week: [1] Having pregnancy brain, it’s real! [2] I woke up with mild cramps in my lower tummy which gave me the biggest anxiety thinking I was having real contractions… I feel like I need to mentally prepare myself for the real ones to come in 6 weeks! [3] Wanting to go for a good run but my body won’t let me.. 😦

Looking forward to: Labor and Birth class this weekend.