Pregnancy Update: 22 – 25 Weeks


22 Weeks

Jun 1, 2015 - Emma @ 22 weeks & 2 days ultrasound

Jun 1, 2015 – Emma @ 22 weeks & 2 days ultrasound

Baby’s size: Papaya

Baby’s movement: Kicking and punching throughout the day!

Total weight gain: Not sure! I didn’t get to weigh myself in the middle of moving and all.

Pregnancy symptoms: Occasional hip pains and major indigestion!

Food love: I have never had Sour Patch Kids before, and I happened to come across it at the airport when travelling this week, so I tried it. And I liked it. I’ve also been eating a lot of string cheese..

Food hate: Nothing in particular. Still not liking hard-boiled eggs. It makes me wonder if I’ll ever go back to liking them.

Sleep: Still sleeping 5-7 hours per night.

Currently living in: Still my regular wardrobe!

3 pros of this week: [1] Being able to see Emma again during our follow-up anatomy scan. I swear her facial features have further developed since 2 weeks ago. [2] Sweet little surprise Steve had planned when we checked-in to our hotel room in Chicago for our 1 year wedding anniversary. [3] Moving rest of our things to NC! We are ALL moved-in and Steve is starting his new job next week 🙂

3 cons of this week: [1] Crappy weather this week! [2] Allergies! UGH! [3] The WORST return flight experience from Chicago. It was our first time flying Spirit for our return flight, and NEVER AGAIN.

Looking forward to: Exploring our new city!

23 Weeks

Baby’s size: Grapefruit

Baby’s movement: Tons! Her kicks/punches are getting harder too, strong baby girl 🙂

Total weight gain: 18 lbs!!! Holy mama!

Pregnancy symptoms: Major hip pains! Indigestion from time to time. Leg cramps!!

Food love: Nothing in particular other than the usual.

Food hate: Not much!

Sleep: Sleep’s eh, I’ve been waking up a lot in the middle of the night either to go to the bathroom or change my sleeping position.

Currently living in: I bought some maternity clothes!! And I’m on a hunt for more! A big reality check that even my shift dresses and maxi dresses are getting super tight in my tummy region.

3 pros of this week: [1] Steve’s first week of new job! [2] Productive weekend getting settled in our new home. [3] Feeling great about a fresh start.

3 cons of this week: This week’s been personally tough on so many levels, but I’m learning to move on and keep positive.

Looking forward to: Finding a new hospital/OB-GYN for myself and a pediatrician for Emma!

24 Weeks

Baby’s size: Cantaloupe!

Baby’s movement: I swear Emma recognizes her daddy’s voice. Steve’s been in NC by himself last week while I tied up loose ends in Baltimore. When we finally reunited, of course he immediately went for my belly to start talking to Emma. As soon as she heard his voice, she started moving like crazy! We’d like to believe that she missed her daddy’s voice for the past week 🙂

Total weight gain: Still at 18 lbs.

Pregnancy symptoms: Hip pains; waddling – yes, I see why people start to waddle as their belly gets bigger; leg cramps.

Food love: Nothing in particular other than the usual.

Food hate: Nothing in particular.

Sleep: Sleep is getting worse. I wake up multiple times a night and before my alarm goes off every morning. I’m averaging about 5 hours of sleep each night 😦

Currently living in: Holy, it is H-O-T in NC. At one point, it went up 112 degrees over the weekend. I’m living in loose, flowy dresses to adjust to the heat. And you all know heat and I do not go well together..

3 pros of this week: [1] We are almost settled in our new place! We have a few boxes for my office to unpack and lots of wall decor to put up, but our new home is coming together! [2] We went shopping for Emma for the very first time! We got some essential onesies for newborns and the cutest chambray shirt and cardigan!! There are so many adorable clothes for baby girls, I’m in trouble! [3] Reuniting with Steve, it’s always tough being away from each other for several days or more, but it was especially hard not being with him last week. Super glad to be reunited with my family.

3 cons of this week: Can’t think of anything except the heat.. I’m not sure how I’m going to survive this Summer.

Looking forward to: Exploring more of our new state!

25 Weeks


I am in love with my growing baby bump! ❤

Baby’s size: Cauliflower!

Baby’s movement: Emma moves throughout the day when I’m sitting and working, as soon as I get up and move around, her movements stop..or maybe I’m just feeling less of it since I’m active. I did notice that she is most active in the mornings and evenings. She also likes to move when I play music, feels like she’s moving with the beats LOL!

Total weight gain: 20 lbs!

Pregnancy symptoms: Same old – hip pains; leg cramps. My feet are starting to swell a bit when I walk around a lot. It could also be the heat.

Food love: I’ve been eating a lot of watermelon these days.. SO GOOD! Also, thank the lord for OJ!! I think I mentioned it in previous pregnancy update post, but I am obsessed with orange juice lately! I’ve never been an OJ drinker, but man, I’m gulping it down every single day! Lastly, we found a Vietnamese restaurant half a mile from our place, and they have bahn mi sandwiches (I’ve been deprived of bahn mi sandwiches in Baltimore)!! We know where I’ll be spending my summer. 😉

Food hate: Nothing in particular, still not eating hard-boiled eggs.

Sleep: It’s gotten a little better this week.. I didn’t wake up as much during the night.

Currently living in: I finally purchased maternity clothes from ASOS and GAP Maternity! Maternity clothes are on a roll these days!

3 pros of this week: [1] Finally transferring all my medical records from Hopkins to Duke and setting up my first appointment at Duke next week! [2] Officially becoming North Carolinians!! We got our licenses, title and registration of our car changed! [3] Finding out H-Mart (a huge Korean grocery store chain in U.S.) will be coming to town within the year. This is HUGE! We’ve scoped out one Korean market here which is small, nothing compared to what we are used to in Chicago and Maryland. Although, I’m used to having just one small Korean grocer in town, because that’s what I grew up with in Richmond, Chicago and Maryland spoiled me! I need my H-Mart!

3 cons of this week: [1] Missing my coworkers in the office. This was my second full week of working remotely, and I’m finding it kinda hard to adjust not being in the office. [2] Wanting to be in SF with my two bffs who are having lots of fun without me! 😦 [3] Reality check that I should make some friends here…but how? Mommy groups?

Looking forward to: Our baby shower next weekend!!!!! SO EXCITED to see all of our family and friends to celebrate Emma! ❤



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