Boy or Girl? Old Wives Tales

We are SUPER DUPER excited to find out the sex of our baby this coming Tuesday!! I knew from the start that I have to know the sex no matter what! If you haven’t picked up from my previous blog posts, I like things planned, and I can’t imagine not knowing what we are having and planning for the unknown. It will absolutely drive me insane. I have yet to buy any baby clothes for this reason only. I get super overwhelmed whenever I step into a store because I don’t know what to get. Steve on the other hand was back and forth. At one point, he wanted to be surprised, but now he is just as anxious as I am to find out if we are having a boy or a girl!

We initially wanted to do a gender reveal party when we are in Chicago for a family wedding at the end of this month and find out with everyone else. But with everything going on in our lives right now, we decided it would be too hectic to plan one. Plus, I sort of need to see the private part with my own eyes on the ultrasound screen to make sure (crazy much?). Needless to say, we are so stoked about our anatomy scan in 3 days! Of course, we will be happy with either one as long as it’s a healthy baby, but I think Steve is hoping for a girl. For me, I can’t make up my mind. Ever since getting pregnant, I was convinced that I’m having a boy, and that I would like to have a boy, but now I’m going back and forth. I can’t resist the thought of a little mini me!

Before we find out what we are actually having, I thought it’d be fun to see what old wives tales of gender predictions were correct for us. I came across some which all sort of point to different sex for me, here they are.

1. Chinese Gender Predictor Test 


This is the first gender predictor test I’ve done which took my age and month at conception. I used four different sites to compare and 3 of them said a boy.

2. Korean Pregnancy Dreams 

In Korean culture, pregnancy dreams are a must when someone gets pregnant. They are called, taemong (태몽). Most of the time, people around you dream these pregnancy dreams about you. These dreams vary from predicting a pregnancy to come, the actual pregnancy and/or predicting sex of the baby. My pregnancy dreams were dreamed by my mom, cousin from Korea, my sister and two friends of a friend. My mom’s dream was the very first one when she found out that I was pregnant. She dreamed a yellow gold ring with two small flowers on the band, on the two small flowers were a diamond and a pearl. She was surprised because she initially thought it was a dream about twins! Yellow gold usually means a girl and small jewels mean a boy. So with her dream, we were split between a boy and a girl (my mom thinks I’m having a boy). My sister’s dream was about pencil sharpeners our cousin and we got as presents when we were younger. Our cousin’s sharpener was more girly and prettier than ours, and we always wanted that one over the one we had gotten. Well, in my sister’s dream, our cousin saved the pretty pink, girly sharpener she had received and gave it to me, which led my sister to think that it’s going to be a girl. Then my cousin from Korea had a pregnancy dream where she, my sister and myself each got a necklace as a present. Out of all the necklaces, mine was the most flashy, “blinged out”, yellow gold necklace. She interpreted that as a girl. Then the two friends of a friend dreamed of a huge strawberry and a big lemon tree which were also interpreted as a girl prediction. Overall, a girl wins this one.

3. Sweet or Salty? 

It is often said that when you crave something sweet, it’s a girl and salty, a boy. Y’all know that I’ve been fruit crazy since day 1 of this pregnancy. And I was never known to have a sweet tooth pre-pregnancy, I was definitely more of a savory/salty kinda gal, so craving sweets is pointing to having a girl.

4. Carrying high or low?


This one is tricky because depending on what culture you ask, it means the opposite. In Korean culture, if you are carrying low, then you are having a boy. High, a girl. All I know is that I’m definitely carrying low, and I’m Korean, so a boy wins for this predictor test.

5. Complexion

It’s an old wives tale that when you are having a girl, the girl takes all the beauty out of your face/complexion. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I broke out in acne all over my face, chest and back. My mom also would see me and tell me that my face looks tired. Now that I’m half way through the pregnancy, my face has cleared up significantly, and I may even support a bit of pregnancy glow I’ve envied on other mamas-to-be. Nonetheless, I will say this test yields to predicting a girl.

So there you have it! Girl 3: Boy 2. It’s a close call, but more are pointing to a girl! Everyone around us with an exception of my mom is predicting a girl too. 50/50 chance, right? 😉 It’s just fun to see what old wives tales were correct. But seriously though, as long as we have a healthy baby, we are happy! Stay tuned to find out what we are really having!!



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