Not Ready for Maternity Jeans…Yet!

Not ready to accept the reality? Call me stubborn, frugal, and/or unrealistic, but I am determined to survive on non-maternity clothes as long as I possibly can! What’s the holdout? I don’t really have good reasons behind it.. LOL. I just think it’s a waste to buy a whole bunch of maternity clothes that I will only wear a fraction of my lifetime. Subconsciously, I may not be accepting the fact that I am going to balloon in my tummy region in about a few weeks… Let’s get real, I know I’m going to have to eventually go out and buy maternity jeans/clothes, but until then, I’m going to make my regular wardrobe work as long as my growing belly lets me. But with that said, I’m pretty sure the day I need to purchase maternity clothes is fast approaching.. The other day, I pulled out my trusted, fat jean shorts I normally wear loosely over the summer, and sure enough, I could not zip it. A small part of me actually thought I would be able to zip it at least, but nope! It ain’t happening. Thankfully, I have a lot of loose clothes and shift dresses to survive another few weeks! To be honest, when I’m not at work or heading out on the weekend, I’m usually in my t-shirts and yoga pants/leggings. And since I work from home two days out of the week, I only need to get creative for three days for work. I have been surviving on trusted hair-tie trick to keep my pants together, but this belly of mine has outgrown that trick about a week ago. Since then, I’ve been relying on Ingrid & Isabel’s Bellaband. And let me tell ya, these bands are the greatest inventions for preggo women! I can still wear all of my jeans/slacks. Now, my derrière is a whole new story. It seems to be growing alongside my belly, but until I can no longer pull up my jeans/slacks over my behind, these Bellabands will be my best friend!

Because I love seeing how other preggo ladies dress up their bumps, I’ll leave you with how creative I’ve been with my current, non-maternity wardrobe! Obviously, most of the outfits pictured are non-workfits, because I certainly can’t go into my office in a romper 😉 Please excuse bad/phone quality pictures. One of these days, I’ll put my husband to work on taking some “outfit” pics, but for now this will do!




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