Surprising Daddy-to-be!

Even before I became pregnant, I had planned to surprise Steve (sista needs to be prepared! LOL). I knew he would be excited beyond this world, so I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to be creative in surprising him. Everyone knows that Steve is a sports fanatic, and his beloved Chicago teams are his life whenever football, ice hockey and baseball seasons roll around. I know he wants to pass down the love for his teams to his future daughter or son, so I just had to get tiny little onesies of his favorite sports teams to surprise him!


After confirming with home pregnancy tests (yes, I took 4 tests, don’t judge), I went ahead and ordered the Bears, Cubs, and Blackhawks onesies, and had them delivered to my office, so Steve doesn’t suspect anything. As soon as we came home from work, I handed him a bag with the onesies and a card from the “baby” written in his favorite crayon color (cerulean) when he was a kid (brownie points for moi on paying attention to small details!). The card read, “Daddy, can’t wait to meet you and cheer on your favorite teams with you. Love, Baby.” I was hoping he’d see the card first, but he pulled out the onesies and was confused for a second, immediately followed by, “ARE YOU PREGNANT?!?!” Of course, I started crying when I said yes (I swear, it’s the pregnancy hormones, or is it?), and he was over the moon with the news! After the initial excitement and shock wore off, the always logical and practical man that he is, he then said, “we have to move! We have so many things to do before the baby comes! Should we buy a house?“. But I wouldn’t have it any other way from the newest Daddy-to-be in town! 🙂 I mean, look how happy he is on becoming a dad!!! Congratulations, Babe! You are going to make one awesome Dad!



Excuse my bare face, but how stinking cute is this Bears onesie?! I cannot wait to put our Jelly Belly in it! Btw, all of the onesies are from Fanatics, they have all the professional sports teams with lots of options for baby clothes 🙂


Lastly, Steve and I want to thank our family and friends for congratulating us on our baby! We were so overwhelmed with joy and touched from all your loving words! We are grateful for all the love this baby is already receiving! Thank you, from the bottoms of our hearts!

Stay tuned for my first trimester pregnancy update 🙂



2 thoughts on “Surprising Daddy-to-be!

  1. Ill never forget seeing steve sitting on the couch with the onesie on his head.. “Steve, what are you doing?” “ that a onesie on your head?” “OMG are you guys pregnant?!?!” Sabrina was quick. It took me a couple seconds!! You’re both going to make amaaazing parents!! Can’t wait to meet baby Shwang with the large head with the big brain!! <3333

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