Radio Silence

Although I didn’t start the blog to get super serious on lifestyle blogging, I did make a commitment to myself to write as much as I can. The main reasons are to provide updates to our family and friends afar and to have an outlet where I can document our lives and what’s on my mind from time to time. Sorry for the radio silence for the past month on here! My plan was to do our honeymoon post next, I actually even drafted the post, but it’s taking longer than we thought to go through all of our pictures. Steve took 2k+ pictures from our honeymoon, and so you can imagine, it’s not an easy task to go through that many pictures to edit and make them perfect. It’s been his part time job after work, props to him!

In lieu of our honeymoon post, I thought I’d do an “in between” post, so this blog doesn’t look completely dead. After our amazing trip to Italy, we definitely needed as much time as possible to recuperate. I was a nazi about making sure all of our laundry from the trip was done the weekend we came back from the honeymoon, so that our home was free of clutter. Thank goodness, we decided to come back on a Friday, the entire weekend was definitely needed to get all the chores out of the way, so we could relax before work on Monday. I don’t know about Steve, but after a two week vacation away from home and work, I need another two weeks to get back in the mode/mindset of work and my regular routine. So we were partial zombies for the past month, consumed with work during the week and just being low key and hanging out with our friends on the weekends. We were thinking about doing an overnight trip to a nearby ski resort to finally go snowboarding, but somehow that fell through the cracks. I blame it on the cold, all you want to do is stay in and cuddle on the weekends… Anyway, this post turned out to be just rambles, but I promise our honeymoon post is next! 🙂



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