Welcome, 2015!


Wow, 2015 already? Happy (belated) New Year!! I feel like 2014 flew by with a blink of an eye! For Steve and me, 2014 was definitely one of the best years thus far for obvious reasons like getting hitched. 🙂 But we are so pumped for 2015, and what it has in store for us. I can already feel that this year will be just as exciting as last year, because we are already super stoked about my best friend, who is also his childhood friend, tying the knot in SF! Plus, we rang in the new year in St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy on our honeymoon. Now, what can top that? (Honeymoon post will soon follow!) It was a good start with good vibes, and it can only go up from here, unless we completely fail on our new year’s resolutions. JK! 😉 Usually, I only make new year’s resolutions for myself. But this year, I decided to make an additional one for our marriage. I think it’s a great way to always remind myself that marriage (or any relationship) is hard work, and we have to constantly strive to make it better. So here’s to 2015, may this year be filled with nothing but success, love and happiness!



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