‘Tis the season!

End of the year marks the most exciting holiday season – Thanksgiving and Christmas, my personal favorite! Who can refuse the feast of Thanksgiving and loads of presents for Christmas? I sure can’t!

It seems like there are a lot of “firsts” now that we are married, including how we will spend our holidays for many many years to come. Spending time with our families is very important us, especially because we don’t live close to most. So it was an easy decision to alternate the holidays each year between my family and Steve’s family. Last year, we spent both Thanksgiving and Christmas with my parents, so this year, we traveled to Chicago to spend Thanksgiving with his family. We were super excited to experience our first holiday with family and friends as husband and wife! Personally for me, I truly felt like I was part of the family, I’m a Hwang now (well, didn’t officially change my last name, but you get the idea). Alas, our first Thanksgiving spent with my in-laws was great, even with his 93 year old grandmother telling us I better have a baby bump next time we see her..not there yet, Grandma. Let’s tackle one thing at a time. 😉

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset
SHwang’s first Thanksgiving [2014]
Unfortunately for our families, but ecstatic for us, we are spending our Christmas this year in Italy on our honeymoon (I’m forewarning you now, there will be lots of pictures on the post(s) from Italia)! Though we will be away from our home during the Christmas time, we thought we should still celebrate it by being festive. My initial plan was to do minimal Christmas decorations to our apartment, but Steve suggested we get a Christmas tree, a real one at that! Neither of us grew up with having a real tree, so you can imagine my excitement when we went to shop for the perfect one. And, what a genius man he is, I am in love with our tree!! We decided to make it our first family tradition along with picking out a special ornament each year for our tree. This year, we went to the Christmas Village at the Inner Harbor for our ornaments. I think I like holidays more now that I’m married. 😉
To that end, I leave you with pictures of our very first Christmas tree and love birds ornaments we picked out!


See you in Italy! Ciao!



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